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  INTERVIEW with Rita Dove

SPECIAL FEATURE on Robinson Jeffers

by Andrew Menard • Thomas Mira y Lopez • Nick Neely • Pattiann Rogers

FICTION by Jerry McGahan • Reginald McKnight • Brenda Peynado • Courtney Sender

POETRY by Stephen Dunn • Derek Sheffield • Natasha Trethewey & others

Still Hunt
an essay by Nick Neely

The American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art has an airy, skylit atrium, the recently remodeled Engelhard Sculpture Court, a place overflowing with marble and curious marvels. In one corner, the Vanderbilts’ humongous hearth. Over there, glowing Tiffany windows. Catty-corner is an annexed Frank Lloyd Wright living room, transplanted entire from Minnesota. But the main draw, anyone can see, is the cafĂ©. . . .

            COMING 5/9: POEMS BY RITA DOVE            


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